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Live Blogging @ Events
July 5, 2008, 2:16 pm
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I spent 4 years in the exhibition and conference industry, at a time when bloggers were still considered poseurs who were trying to get press privileges, without actually being members of the press. Embarrassingly I was a gatekeeper then, denying bloggers of press passes and free food in the media center, ironically at a technology show.

Fast forward to today, my past has caught up with me as I advocate the importance of bloggers to resistant PR folks and management, explaining that bloggers are not only legitimate media, they are actually stronger influencers than traditional media with more sustained impact on their followers.

It was therefore very interesting to read Mashable’s take on How to Live Blog a Conference, filled with tips for bloggers to plan their schedule at an event. The message to event organizers from me today, is for you to recognize how bloggers can increase the visibility and credibility of your event, build buzz surrounding your event, and engage a community with your event.

In order to help bloggers help you, it is important to cater to their needs by providing wireless Internet access at your event and to provide them with an event schedule so they can plan their editorial lineup. Show organizers, especially tech show organizers, are you listening?


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