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SMS appointment reminders
July 16, 2008, 1:37 pm
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I really like SMS reminders of appointments, meetings, everything. Even if I’ve already penned the appointment in my diary, and have not forgotten about it despite my best efforts to not remember a dreaded meeting.

I received an SMS reminder from a public hospital about my appointment for a routine checkup two days before the apopintment, and I was stoked. The hospital actually bothered to go this extra mile, even where my beauty therapist or hairstylist doesn’t. Actually, my dry cleaner does and I’m impressed.

If only there’s a universal calendar function that all these SMS reminders can sync with, so all my appointments from different sources line up automatically on my mobile phone calendar like on my email client. That’d be so neat!

Is there any mobile web developer who aspires for Google-like status, reading this?