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Thank goodness for ZOHO
July 17, 2008, 4:13 pm
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My laptop fruit of a computer crashed last night, less than 7 months into its first-year warranty. I knew the fruit turned rotten when it started up with a flashing question mark that refused to turn into anything else.

I’m particularly mad because my entire hard disk is gone. Kaput. Just like that with no prior warning, a sudden unexplained death. All my work for the past 7 months have gone out of Eden along with Adam and Eve,  all thanks to that fruit of a laptop.

If there’s one saving grace, it is ZOHO and I have to say amen to that. I’ve been using the ZOHO projects portal for my project, and have diligently uploaded my files since it’s free to do so even with a basic account (ZOHO, for this, is one up against Basecamp). I’m so thankful for the backup I have on ZOHO I’m going to send an email of thanks right after this post in fact.

Now, if only I had been as diligent with my Flickr account… Sigh.