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Un-Cuil PR: Launch falls flat
July 31, 2008, 1:41 pm
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This is every public relations professional’s greatest nightmare I think – a launch that goes wrong. The worst time to fall is when all eyes are on you.

Cuil was touted to be a Google killer in the search world, which are really enormous shoes to fill, as anyone sane will think. Unfortunately Cuil overpromised and underdelivered, and now it’s making waves on the web for all the wrong reasons.

The worst parts of a web launch?

No. 1 – Your mistakes are told to the world, via multiple outlets, almost immediately. Check out the scathing reviews of Cuil’s launch here.

No.2 – Data persistency (in techie terms) or legacy (in layman terms). Reviews, both good and bad, stay on for a long time on the web, making it hard for people to forget your mistakes.

It’s not true that Cuil is doomed forever, and I think many people out there are secretly rooting for an underdog to overtake Google’s dominance. But I think Cuil has some PR issues it needs to work on right now, to build trust in its service hereon.


Web tracking: Technorati
June 20, 2008, 8:00 pm
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Moving on to the second tool in your web tracking arsenal – Technorati.

Technorati is essentially a search engine for the blogosphere. It searches through blogs to find what you are looking for. This is therefore a good place to start to know what people on the web are saying about your company’s or your client company’s products, services, industry and reputation.

If you have a blog that you want people to know about, you can set up a Technorati account and claim your blog, for your blog to be included in Technorati’s searchable blog database.

To find out the buzz on the Internet, you can browse through Technorati tags to find the most popular tags given by bloggers to describe their blogs and posts. You can also find out which are the most followed, most searched and most authoritative blogs on the blogosphere, on Technorati’s page of the most popular blogs on the web.

Looking for blogs on a particular subject? Technorati even has a blog finder directory, organized by topic.

To keep updated on a topic, you can personalize your Technorati account with watchlists by adding a keyword, phrase or URL to the list and Technorati will track it for you.

All in all, Technorati is a great way to track various trends and topics on the web, if you can get past how spammy it sometimes can be.